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The St. Paul’s Schools

The Case for Unified Governance

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Our Vision | The Landscape | The St. Paul’s Schools Today | Benefits of Unified Governance | Today & Our Future | Organizational Structure

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Our Vision

A faith-based learning community, on a single campus, nationally recognized as the exemplar in single-gender education with integrated, coordinated experiences that model the real world.

The Landscape

The independent-school landscape — nationally and in the Baltimore market — is hyper-competitive and an independent school education is increasingly unaffordable for many families.

Since 2013-14:
  • Average enrollment at NAIS day schools has decreased by more than 7%
  • Median number of applications received by AIMS day schools has dropped nearly 28%

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The St. Paul’s Schools Today

Overall enrollments at SPSG, SPS, and SP Plus are strong — outpacing their cohorts and national trends.

Enrollment trend, 2013-14 – 2017-18
  • ST. Paul’s Plus: +11.8%
  • SPSG (Middle School/Upper School): +7.7%
  • SPS (Middle School/Upper School) +2.9%
  • SP (Lower School): -6.0%

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Benefits of Unified Governance

With four separate governing boards on campus, our current structure impedes decision-making and has resulted in missed opportunities.

The new structure will:
  • Eliminate impediments to decision-making
  • Allow us to conceive and implement consistent, well-aligned strategies
  • Provide cohesive, campus-wide student experience
  • Maximize curricular and co-curricular opportunities

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Today & Our Future

Our new structure is sensible and set up to best serve all of our students.

  • Four Boards: SPSG, SPS, St. Paul’s Plus, The Ward Center
  • St. Paul’s Plus: Coed, infant-PreK
  • SPSG: All girls, grades 5-12
  • SP Lower School: Coed, K-grade 4
  • SP Middle/Upper School: All boys, grades 5-12
Our Future
  • One Board
  • St. Paul’s Plus & Lower School: Coed, infant-grade 4
  • SPSG: All girls, grades 5-12
  • SP: All boys, grades 5-12

Organizational Structure

A President will oversee strategic, operational, and administrative functions at each of the three Schools: the coeducational preschool and Lower School, and the single-gender St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s School.

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Three Schools, One Campus

The vision reflects what is best for girls, what is best for boys — separately and together — on this campus & in the world that awaits them.

11232 Falls Road
P.O. Box 8000
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL: 410-823-6323
SECURITY: 443-862-2294
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