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SPSG's career exploration program offers students opportunities to venture off-campus to see how their talents, passions, and academic interests translate to the "real world." Built on a foundation of partnerships with businesses and organizations in the Baltimore community, students visit with and learn from professionals in a variety of industries. Such experiences ensure that our students are more than prepared to make informed decisions about college, majors, internships, and life's path that extends beyond our campus.

If you are interested in hearing students tell you about their experiences in their own words, checkout the article below, from (Cool) Progeny.

Industry Visits

Industry visits are partial-day offsite visits to companies and organizations in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Students self-select for these trips based on interests, passions, and their desire to explore opportunities for life beyond SPSG. Trips are geared toward 11th and 12th grade students and usually include a tour, a panel discussion with professionals, networking opportunities, and more.

“Real world experiences let us see how things we learn in school can help us and eventually lead to actual careers. For example, math is a big component of interior design, which I had not realized. Also, I think that real world experiences help us form passions and interests that we cannot get just from sitting in classrooms all day.” -Jessie ‘20


Jacksonville Veterinarian 


“This experience affirmed my interest in veterinary medicine because we learned a lot about the work needed to become a vet or vet tech. Ms. Marsiglia gave us suggestions on how to gain experience in veterinary clinics and how long schooling would last for various specialties. My favorite part of the industry visit was when Dr. Andy showed us how to do an examination on his dog. I learned how to check a dog’s pulse and feel their organs.”  - Anna ‘20


Mouth Party
Leadership and Business Industry Visit


“This industry visit affirmed my interest in business and entrepreneurship because it allowed me to see how many different roles are offered in a small-business setting. Even though Mouth Party creates the same product every day, there are always different daily challenges/tasks that they face and have to learn to deal with.” - Bea ‘21


Sheppard Pratt
Mental Health
“The experience was very valuable to me because I learned a lot about Sheppard Pratt the careers available in the mental health field. It affirmed my interest in mental and behavioral health because I saw so many people who were dedicated to and loved their jobs. I saw that I could make a difference in other people’s lives and be personally fulfilled. Mrs. Anderson’s presentation resonated with me when she discussed her education and career path. I am interested in working in a lab but also with people, so hearing that she does this every day was exciting and made me more interested in pursuing psychology. I think this real world experience helped me see that my education right now is leading to something else and greater than myself.” -Maggie ‘20


Towson Orthopedics
Sports Medicine
“Having the opportunity to learn, first hand, from individuals in various positions in the field of sports medicine was incredible. Hearing the experiences and journeys of people in the industry helped me picture myself doing this someday. I understand the importance of volunteering and getting involved in what I’m interested in early now, and learning that accomplished professionals encourage students to reach out to them was exciting.” -Meghan ‘20




Interior Design visit to Peyton Home Design Center

“I enjoyed creating our own rooms and learning more about the designers’ journeys through school and how they got to where they are now. Hearing from the young women who work there was insightful to me because it gave me an idea of what classes to take and what I would need to know going into an interior design profession.” -Lucia ‘20


Excellence in Journalism Conference
Three of our students attended the Excellence in Journalism Conference in Baltimore. They participated in sessions covering everything from how to work as a freelance journalist to seeing how social media plays a major role in today’s news. In addition, they were fortunate to sit in on a session with Steve Hartman, CBS News broadcast journalist, and learn about his life and career experiences. 

“This visit was extremely valuable in that it catered to real journalists. We got to hear the real suggestions and lessons for journalists out there in the field. The conference allowed us to see learn about challenges journalist face in real life, which we might not have experienced just by visiting a newsroom or participating in activities focused on high school students. I had previously only been familiar with the reporters role in journalism, and learning about the digital and management aspects of a newsroom were very interesting.”  -Karenna ‘21



Under Armour Industry Visit
Leadership and Business Industry Visit

Students from the SPSG-Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women leadership cohort enjoyed a tour of the Under Armour campus, along with a panel discussion related to career exploration, finding one’s path, and taking healthy risks. The event served as the culminating experience for a year-long partnership designed to help girls find their voices and affect change as leaders on campus and beyond.


Peyton Home Design Center
Interior design visit

"Today made me realize how much I want to pursue working with interior design in the future. I loved the hands-on residential design project, exploring the design center, and picking out all of the pieces to complete my vision." -Brigid ‘21


X-STEM Symposium
Science and Engineering Industry Visit

“This experience was wonderful, I had such an amazing time and learned so much. It enhanced my interest in STEM and exposed me to new areas of the field. I found the neurology speech to be very informative and appreciated the demonstration. It was so cool to see how the invention that the speaker made recorded sound frequencies/movement frequencies of the brain…. this conference was a fun experience- it allowed me to learn much about life in general and enabled me to connect my passions to concepts from different fields.” -Zoe ‘20

Spark Baltimore
Entrepreneurship Industry Visit

For the third session of the Middle School Entrepreneurship program, the cohort enjoyed a visit to start-up incubator and co-working space, Spark Baltimore where they toured the space and met with representatives from Fearless, a software development firm, Proscia, a health tech firm, and Van Eperen, a PR and Communications firm. The students received valuable insight into the life of an entrepreneur and left with advice that will help guide them as they navigate their academic and professional paths.

Food science and culinary visit.

“I gained a large amount of important information concerning food science and discovered the many steps that go into the production of a spice, flavor, or product. The different departments each had specific functions which was very interesting, and I found the flavorist most intriguing. I was surprised to learn that her job required a seven-year apprenticeship.” -Angelina B ‘19


Constellation Energy
Finance, marketing, human resources, engineering industry visit.

“The industry visit to Constellation was valuable because I got the chance to learn about a wide range of professions within one company. I always assumed that companies were made up of one kind of worker, but now I see the reality that many different kinds of work are necessary for a successful, functioning company. Real world experiences like this are important because they give students a new perspective beyond SPSG that they simply could not gain without leaving campus and seeing something new.”  -Maddie C. ‘18

Hord Coplan Macht
Architecture and planning industry visit.

“The day was amazing in every way. I got to experience what it’s like to do my dream job for a day and was able to talk to architects with a range of specialties. It affirmed my interest in architecture because I obtained information each of the different branches and was able to filter which ones might be the best fit for me.” –Abby ‘20


Nursing and healthcare industry visit.

"My GBMC experience was valuable to me in the fact that I became more educated on what it is really like to be a nurse, along with all the different routes you can take while nursing…’Real world experiences’ enhance my education at SPSG because they bring you outside the box to learn about real things that are going on around you. These opportunities give students at St. Paul's a different outlook on their futures in the working world.” –Dallas ‘19


Advertising, marketing, graphic design, coding industry visit.

My experience visiting Oath was extremely beneficial and valuable. It affirmed my interest in advertising. I did not realize how many different aspects can go into one business and how many different parts go into just one advertisement. It was extremely interesting to learn about all the different ads that we see every day and the reasons why one person sees an ad compared to why somebody else sees a completely different ad. Something I was not expecting to learn about was the STEM aspect…[going] to Oath was a good way to learn more about a potential career I could pursue on the future. This experience helped me for next year because it made me want to do my senior project either at Oath or something of that sort. It also helped me to decide that my math next year will be AP Computer Science because a theme throughout some of the presentations was how coding is a good tool to have when looking for a job and how valuable of a skill it can be.”  Leighton ‘19

Walters Art Museum 
A cohort of sophomores enjoyed learning about art conservation from the experts at the Walters Art Museum. The event was an extension of our career exploration program and SPSG’s annual STEAM Career Explorers celebration.

“This experience helped to show me one of the careers [art conservation] that would involve my love of art. The only job I thought existed around art was an artist or an art teacher, and now I know there is more to this field than just the two… I enjoy “real world experiences” because it gives me a chance to learn about subjects that would not regularly come up in our curriculum.” Anna ‘20 



A group of sophomores through seniors enjoyed an offsite breakfast and tour at PayPal in November. Students met and networked with seven women in a variety of roles at the tech giant and leading worldwide online payments system.

“This industry visit was amazing!  Hearing the women share their stories was really beneficial to us and it gave me some great insight on the tech field and the different sides of it. The visit really affirmed my interest in the technology field and finance, and I took away a lot of great advice from all of the women, including to create your own "personal brand." I loved this trip because of my background from last year in AP computer science.  It was super cool to hear about how the women used their backgrounds in all different things in order to be a successful Pay Pal employee.” Sarah ‘18


Century Engineering
Sophomores and seniors interested in environmental engineering enjoyed a site visit to the Kelly Branch with engineers and project managers from Century Engineering, the Maryland Stream Restoration Association, and Environmental Quality Resources, LLC.

Capitol Hill (March 2017)
Students from the class of 2017 & 2018 meet with Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake’s Chief of Staff and team.

“This experience affirmed and enhanced my interest in politics. One of Senator Flake's staff members described Capitol hill as an environment filled with smart, young people who are very aware of what is going on in the world. This is an environment I think that I would enjoy immensely. When deciding whether or not to do something, I often look for the "why" behind the issue, because I like to have a sense of purpose. A job in politics, I came to realize while on the trip, would provide me with that sense of purpose.”  Elizabeth ‘17 


Brown Advisory 
Students from the class of 2018 meet with female executives, including Alum and board member, Trish Carroll ’76


Price-Eisenhoswer Institute

SPSG & SP Upper School students traveled to Washington, DC to kick off the Price-Eisenhower Civic Engagement Institute (PEI) at The St. Paul’s Schools. Our schools are the first high schools to partner with the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, and the coordinated program provides young leaders with knowledge and insight in the areas of presidential organization, presidential advising/service, executive decision making and presidential leadership to promote careers in the American Presidency while encouraging civic engagement. The group of students, who applied and were selected this past spring, traveled to DC where they met with Susan Eisenhower and congressional staffers and took an insider’s tour of the Capitol. 


“This is experience was valuable because we got a personalized tour of the Capitol building and got to hear some wisdom from the granddaughter of one of the most high-esteemed presidents. What really resonated with me was seeing the original room that the Supreme Court used to decide some of the biggest cases in history. I am excited to learn even more about working in the political field as we near our next Price-Eisenhower session. Experiences like this enhance my SPSG education because I get to observe what we learn about in English and History class, in real life.” Eva ‘20

STEAM Career Explorers

Held in conjunction with the Maryland STEM Festival, SPSG’s STEAM Career Explorers is an annual event designed to expose students in grades 4-12 to the range of career paths available within the STEM field. Through a series of hands-on workshops, students hone skills in fields ranging from social media management, virtual reality and online advertising to architecture, urban planning, and forensic sciences; from nursing and culinary arts to financial planning and woodworking.

Thanks to our partners at McCormick, Brown Advisory, University of Maryland Medical Center, RK&K, Oath, MCA Architecture, Baltimore City Forensics Lab, and more. SPSG students and their peers have gained insight and experience in nearly twenty STEM fields over the past two years.


Sophomore Shadow Day

Sophomore Shadow Day provides students an opportunity to align personal interests and passions with professional paths. Serving as the culminating experience of a semester-long career exploration seminar, students spend one day shadowing a professional in their industry of choice. With the help of the Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations, Director of Strategic Initiatives and advisors, students are matched with individuals from local businesses and organizations.

Sophomore Shadow Day 2018

Sophomore Shadow Day 2018


Sophomore Shadow Day 2017

Sophomore Shadow Day 2017

Senior Projects

The Senior Project provides students an intensive on-the-job opportunity to develop independence and responsibility, improve communication skills, and examine personal work habits and attitude. The two-week internship serves as a capstone for SPSG’s career exploration program and is an essential experience for building self-confidence and skills to thrive in the adult world.


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