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Global partnerships: exchanges and trips

SPSG’s global partner schools provide opportunities for students to add depth and dimension to their college and life preparation through exchanges and study travel. Through shared learning opportunities—real and virtual—with our sister schools, these partnerships provide opportunities to develop cultural fluency skills critical to 21st-century leadership. 

Our Episcopal tradition roots us in the belief that every individual is a child of God. Through the programs below, our students develop the cultural competency, empathy and knowledge to fully live this belief.

At SPSG, our students learn to be innovative thinkers, confident communicators, healthy risk-takers, and leaders with a global perspective. Our global partnerships, exchanges and trips provide opportunities for our young women to grow in these competencies by engaging with other cultures, considering other perspectives and immersing in the languages they study. Students, faculty, and administrators who participate in these experiences share their knowledge with the school community and inspire us to think globally across disciplines.

We continue to broaden our global exchange offerings and deepen our current partnerships with schools abroad, so that students and faculty make meaningful global connections and develop cross-cultural relationships both in person, through our exchanges and trips, and online, through our shared projects and conversations. Many of our global exchange opportunities are offered in coordination with St. Paul’s School. 



Collège et lycée Marseilleveyre, Marseilles, France
Sister school since 2010

On alternate years, we travel to our sister school in Marseilles and welcome boys and girls from Marseilleveyres to SPSG.  Upper School SP and SPSG students taking French are encouraged to apply for hosting and travel opportunities.


Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland
Partner school since 2013

In the 2013-2014 school year, St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul's established this cultural exchange opportunity for upper school students. Each year, two upper school girls and two upper school boys host students from Fettes College for about two weeks, and then they spend two weeks in Scotland with their host siblings at Fettes college.


St. Hilda’s School, Queensland, Australia
Sister school since 2010

Each year, SPSG selects two sophomores to spend six weeks at St. Hilda’s School. Following their experience at St. Hilda’s, SPSG students return to Brooklandville with their sisters from St. Hilda’s, who study and participate in SPSG activities for six weeks. Interested SPSG sophomores are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.


St. George’s College, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sister school since 2011

Each year, the St. Paul's Schools select two students (sophomores or juniors) to participate in an exchange with St. George’s College. Students host for three weeks in February, and travel to St. George's College in June. Spanish language students are encouraged to apply for this immersion experience.


Suiryo School, Yokohama, Japan
Sister school since 1993

Each spring, SPSG hosts students in grades 8–11 from Suiryo School . In June, SPSG students have the opportunity to visit Suiryo School for two weeks. In November 2013, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our sister-school relationship with Suiryo. Although Japanese language students receive priority in hosting and travel opportunities, all SPSG students in grades 8-11 are encouraged to apply.

Heifer International

Service Learning Trip to Heifer International

Each summer, SPSG offers a summer service learning trip for rising ninth and tenth grade students at the Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA. Here, SPSG students have the opportunity to learn about the mission of Heifer International, which is “To work with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the world.” During the week, girls participate in the life of the farm by caring for animals, tending the gardens, doing farm chores, and helping the staff. Through all of their experiences, they learn about hunger, sustainability, the global economy, fair trade, organic and local farming practices, as well as different cultures. Midweek, they spend one day and night in Heifer’s Global Village, where they experience daily life in a culture different from their own. It is quite a powerful trip and the girls who have gone in the past have been extremely moved by their time there.  Students earn 40 hours of direct community service for participating in this trip. 


Pascal Gymnasium, Muenster, Germany
Partner with St. Paul’s School since 1994

The SPSG girls and SP Boys have been partaking in the German Exchange Program with Pascal Gymnasium in Muenster, Germany for over 20 years. Known as a university city with bicycle access to all points of entertainment, culture, and intellectualism, Muenster presents SP boys and girls with a unique opportunity to learn about a foreign culture while still feeling comfortable and “at home” in a medium-sized city. While taking part in the three week trip, students have the opportunity to attend classes, spend free time with their exchange partners, experience German family life, and see some of Germany’s most prominent and important cities. German students from the St. Paul’s Schools also have the opportunity to host students from Pascal Gymnasium in alternate years


Escola Pia De Stiges, Stiges, Spain
Partner with St. Paul’s School since 2012

The St. Paul's School exchange with Escola Pia in Sitges, Spain began in 2012. SPSG and SP students host Spanish students in April for ten days, then travel to Spain in June. During the approximately two-week long trip, students visit Madrid, Spain’s capital and cultural center, and travel east to Cataluña where they meet their host families.

Student Global Leadership Institute

Two rising juniors and a rising sophomore traveled to Hawaii (with peers from SP) to participate in the Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI). The girls lived and worked with students from around the world as they explored the theme of peace and partnered to design projects to affect change on their respective campuses and in their local communities.  



"SGLI affirmed my interest in leadership because it taught me that there are all different types of leaders. I found it comforting that to be a leader, I do not have to be the student who starts a club, is a team captain, or is SGA President. I found that I could be somebody who motivates myself and others toward positive change without holding a typical “leadership” position. One specific piece of advice that I took from SGLI was “The community you deserve is the community you help build.” This resonated with me because it helped me realize that to see the change that I want within my community, I cannot be an idle bystander. I must be a leader and invoke change." -Claire Foley '20

International Student Programs

Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School, Hangzhou, China, sister school since 2010:

Since 2010, SPSG has been welcoming student groups from HEFLS and sending students on summer excursions to HEFLS and China.  All upper school SPSG students and SP students who study Chinese are encouraged to apply for hosting and travel opportunities. In addition to opportunities for short-term student exchanges, the St. Paul’s Schools have welcomed the matriculation of several students from HEFLS.  We also have welcomed two visiting faculty members from Entel and will send an SPSG teacher in March to spend a month at HEFLS. Our students from the Entel school and experiences with visiting faculty members have contributed to our school community in so many ways.
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