St. Paul's Plus

Six weeks to Pre-K (Age 5). Full and Part-Time Early Childhood Educational Programs for Children.

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St. Paul's School for Girls

Grades 5-12. All-Girls Middle and Upper School.

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St. Paul's

Grades K - 12. Coeducational Lower School, Grades K - 4 and All-Boys Middle and Upper Schools, Grades 5 - 12.

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Why Plus is so Special


At St. Paul's Plus, our academic programming is supported by faculty who engage and inspire students with their teaching and research. Our curriculum enhances the learning experience for all students, reshapes the traditional classroom, and expands the impact and reach of St. Paul's Plus. 

+ Creative Curriculum, which helps every childhood program create a high-quality learning environment by incorporating the latest research and best practices, taking into account the needs of every learner, and enabling every child to become a creative, confident thinker.
+ Handwriting Without Tears, whose mission is to make learning and teaching easy and fun by providing superior educational products, training, and materials to educators and parents.
Everyday Mathematics, a research-based and field-tested curriculum that focuses on developing children’s understandings and skills in ways that produce, build and expand a student’s mathematical proficiency and understanding.
Conscious Discipline, which integrates social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation.
RIE Philosophy, which teaches that infants are active participants in their own development from the very first moment of life.
Lead Teachers with degrees in Early Childhood Education and related concentrations.
Ongoing assessments and screenings.


The St. Paul’s Schools offer something unique. Our community provides coeducational and single-gender opportunities to cultivate student growth and academic achievement. From cradle to college, we empower boys and girls of all ages to learn in the ways that suit them best. St. Paul's School for Girls offers all-girls Middle and Upper schools (grades 5-12). St. Paul's School offers grades K-12, with a coeducational lower school (grades K-4) and all-boys Middle and Upper Schools (grades 5-12).


St. Paul’s Plus is located on the beautiful campus of the St. Paul’s Schools and is conveniently located near 695 and 83. Each class of children has their own space that is designed to meet their developmental needs. A beautiful playground that is separated into three age-specific play zones (infants and toddlers, two-year-olds, and 3’s and four-year-olds) helps to support the outdoor learning and encourages gross motor play and exploration. In addition, several fenced in green spaces are available for additional activities and picnics. Our community garden is an extension to classroom lessons on planting, growing and harvesting. Having access to the larger campus makes for wonderful and exciting nature walks.


Our experiential world cultures program allows the children to learn about the world around them. In this curriculum, children study a country and learn about the topography, art, music, food, clothing, animals and traditions of that country. Each visit starts with a “flight” aboard SPP Air. Children are issued a ticket and, after working on number and letter identification to find their row and seat, enjoy an inflight snack appropriate to the destination. Passports are stamped when they land at the “airport” and the following weeks are spent learning about that country.


Resource classes are provided on a weekly basis in music, Spanish, and Rebounders gymnastics for our toddlers through Pre-K children. Our three-year-olds and Pre-K students also receive weekly lessons in art, religion, world cultures, and science. 


Every child at Plus has a portfolio that is created specifically for them and updated throughout the year. Each month, teachers collect 2-3 samples of each child’s development that has been documented in pictures or as pieces of their work. Additional photos and artwork are included and, at the end of the year, parents receive this collection as a keepsake of their child’s development. Families enjoy flipping through the pages of their portfolio to see how much their child grew and learned over the year.

11232 Falls Road
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL. 410.823.0061
FAX. 410.823.0062
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