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Experiential Learning & Character Education

Senior Projects

The Co-Curriculum Program, in which the students participate throughout their years at St. Paul’s School for Girls, culminates in the Senior Project.  The project allows students an in-depth experience in an off-campus professional setting. Each student selects an organization with which she works and an onsite mentor with whom she works during the last two weeks of her senior year.  During the project the students keep a daily journal of their experiences.  At the end of the project, the students attend the Senior Project Luncheon during which each student presents an oral report to a group of faculty and other seniors.   

The program’s objectives are to help the student to:

  • Develop independence and responsibility
  • Learn more about a particular career
  • Improve her communication skills
  • Examine her own work habits and attitudes by being evaluated on the job
  • Apply the principles of her academic program to the realities of life
  • Develop self-confidence and skills for coping in the adult world

Scholar's Program

SPSG’s Scholars Program is three-year independent study opportunity during which students design and conduct a research project and determine the local and global impact of the topic. The program begins with a research methodology course, includes extensive data collection and an internship, and culminates with a school-wide presentation.

Project-Based Learning

SPSG’s Upper School aims to make learning a dynamic and engaging process for all students. As such, project-based learning is a central feature in our program:

  • Designing a building using geometric forms
  • Engaging in a mock courtroom trial about the ethical dilemmas of The Merchant of Venice
  • Planning and creating a community of a different culture, which student then present to their class in the language of that culture, enhancing their global perspective.
  • Choosing a Baltimore neighborhood to investigate. Conducting interviews and researching historical documents, students present a holistic and sociological understanding of a local, urban environment. 

Class Trips

SPSG intentionally carves out time and opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and into nature and the outside world. In addition to providing a foundation for understanding the world around them, students develop strong bonds with classmates as they share memorable experiences and learn about themselves.

  • The 9th grade begins the year with a bonding experience at the Bishop Claggett Center. This is a time at the start of the year when students rising to ninth grade from our Middle School and students entering our ninth grade from schools throughout the Baltimore area have an opportunity to spend several days and nights together to form their new upper school class identity. While there, they participate in a various team-building activities including icebreakers, stories by the campfire, personal and group goal-setting, and ropes course exercises.
  • The 10th grade begins the year with a trip hosted by Inner Quest, Inc. This is a several day camping experience complete with tents, rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, water treatment, and meal preparation. Students are split into groups and are challenged physically and mentally to make the most of a nature-based experience. Without access to technology, students bond with their classmates, especially during debrief sessions each night by the campfire.
  • The 11th and 12th graders are given time for college visits. They are required to check-in with Admissions Offices on campuses of their choosing, based on conversations with our college counselors. The College Counseling Office and Dean of Students also hosts an in-house retreat day for the 11th grade, focusing on leadership skills, class goal-setting, and authentic interview practice with alumnae. 


Founded in the Episcopal tradition, St. Paul’s School for Girls embraces service and outreach as a major component of its program. Our outreach program pairs our school with schools and community organizations in the greater Baltimore area.

Our program seeks: 

  1. To cultivate a belief in the fundamental unity of the global family.
  2. To cultivate a belief of sacredness of every individual.
  3. To become cognizant of the responsibility one has to use resources wisely and for the benefit of the global family.
  4. To experience unselfish action directed to the needs of our world.
  5. To develop a belief that change for the better is possible through individual and group effort.
  6. To develop a lifelong pattern of service.


Chapel is a unique opportunity for all students, faculty, and staff to join together on Tuesday mornings. Chapel is led by the school chaplain and student acolytes. Its structure is guided by Episcopal tradition, though an effort is made to represent all major religions in various ways. The theme of each week’s chapel service is set by the Chaplain, who often partners with student representatives, the school counselor, diversity coordinator, and other administrators to identify topics that speak to all students.Themes range from friendship and empathy, to inclusion, self-awareness, and respect.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program occupies a unique space within the upper school program. Study of sacred texts offers students the opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual exploration. In their religious studies classes, students engage in meaningful dialogue, collaborative assignments and individual reflection. Looking at religious interpretation from different viewpoints and traditions exposes students to a variety of perspectives and ideas, while allowing them to understand the role of religion in life, society, history and today.

Our ninth graders are required to take a World Religions course, which exposes them to the cultures and traditions of the major religions within our world. Our Upper Classmen are required to select from a robust offering of electives, ranging from “Modern Ethics” to “Women in the Bible” to “Religion and Politics.”             


We strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is the best learning environment for our girls, and prepares them to live, work and thrive in an increasingly global and multicultural community.

Diversity is addressed through the advisory program, outside speakers, school assemblies, and core academic classes. Lessons lay the groundwork for developing a common language about diversity and creating an atmosphere conducive to open and honest dialogue. 

11232 Falls Road
P.O. Box 8000
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL: 410-823-6323
SECURITY: 443-862-2294
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