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The Gatorland Day Camp model and mission is unique with the goal to keep campers safe, engaged, and having fun. Gatorland is all about choice and experiential learning; campers take ownership of their days by choosing from a wide range of exciting and engaging activities in visual arts, science, sports, technology, performing arts, digital arts, robotics, cooking, and more! In addition to “being the boss of their own day” and choosing between a variety of theme based activities, campers will have an opportunity to take a field trip each week and enjoy free swim each day. 



“Just wanted to share that [my daughter] had a great time at all of the camps this summer and felt well taken care of which of course gives us as parents a huge sense of comfort! Thank you!!” ~ Anne B.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. [My son] loved his summer at Gatorland. He has already asked if he can go back next year. I really appreciate all the effort everyone put into making this such a great experience. [My son] loved all the teachers, counselors and student helpers. He was especially fond of Coach Clayville, asking if we could invite him [my son’s] birthday. Oh my!!  As someone who also works in a school, I understand normally only getting the negative emails. So I wanted to make sure you all knew how happy we were with everything. Thanks again!!”  ~ Jessica R.

“Thank you for another great summer at Gatorland! [My kids] enjoyed the sports as usual and were tired and happy each day at pickup. I’m so glad I found this camp 3 years ago!” ~ Johanna N.

“Thanks for an awesome summer!  [My daughter] has never been so excited to so somewhere without me being there, in fact usually its a struggle to get her to do things independently. She was so disappointed to be sick yesterday and therefore have to miss camp.  I gave her an option this morning since she had been on antibiotics for 24 hours and she leaped at the opportunity to go to camp today!” ~ K. Gerber

“{My son} was so excited about today’s art project! He talked and talked about the use of tin foil in his art work that resembles the moon. He is so excited to bring it home, and has ensured that we have a place of honor for it on our art wall at home. He has been over the moon with the theme this week. He is continuing to love Gatorland!” ~Keri A

“Thanks bunches! {Our daughter} loved today and she said that she rated her experience a nine on a scale of 1 to 10! She loved it and was saying she wanted to go back at dinner time! She said she gave the rating for the day and nine because there were two boys who she referred to as troublemakers and they didn’t listen to the teachers very well. She said they didn’t follow directions on many occasions but the teachers held them accountable. She told us all the details of her day from feeding the chickens to eating her lunch to playing Marco Polo to taking the swim test to meeting new friends.  A total win! Thank you and congratulations!!!”

“Our boys are LOVING Gatorland Camp. Thank you so so much!” ~ Lucy L.

“I am thrilled to say that [my daughter] is loving camp at SPSG! I just registered her for two more weeks. I also wanted to mention that I really enjoy your summary emails each day. Hearing the details of her exciting experiences is so wonderful and sparks so many family conversations.” ~Jayme K.

“[My daughter] LOVES Gatorland.  Everyone is so nurturing and kind to her. She is having so much fun and it makes me so happy.  Thank you!!” ~ Kat G.

"[My daughter] described Gatorland as a “dream camp"!" ~ Marjorie C.

“[My daughter] loved every minute of it, thanks!  She’ll be back the coming weeks of camp.” ~S. Sinnott

“The kids have had such a great time this week! I’m so glad I signed them up!!! Thanks for making it so awesome!!!” ~Karen J.

“[My son] said that Gatorland won of all the camps this year!” ~ Paige N.

“I just wanted to email You real quick that [my daughter] loved your camp and program so much!” ~ Spencer S.

I think you know Gatorland has always been a favorite of my kids. As they get older, their tastes change. This year, my kids attended 5 different camps, including Gatorland. These included sports, extreme water camps, adventure camps and still hands down Gatorland was once again their favorite. It is so nice when your kids jump out of bed with excitement on a Monday to go to camp. Thanks for another great year!

– Jen Q., Gatorland Camper Parent

“I just want to thank you for organizing this great camp.  [My boys] say it is their favorite camp! They love it! We will be back next year:)”
– Dalia T., Gatorland Camper Parent

“[My daughter] asked me this weekend if next year she can do all five weeks of Gatorland camp. I think that would be a five star rating from [our] family.”
– Erin H., Gatorland Camper Parent

“Just wanted to say how wonderful camp was. The counselors we're fantastic. [My son] had such a great time just the way summer should be. Please extend my thanks to the staff!” – Amanda C., Parent

Gatorland 2020 Dates & Information

Gatorland Day Camp 2020 Info

Hours & Dates
Gatorland Day Camp runs all summer long, giving your family a wonderful opportunity to explore many activities and field trips with us from June through August! 

Camp Hours: 9am – 3:30pm

Week 1: Monday, June 15 – Friday, June 19
Week 2: Monday, June 22 – Friday, June 26
Week 3: Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1 (note: short week/mini camp)
Week 4: Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 10
Week 5: Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17 
Week 6: Monday, July 20 – Friday, July 24 
Week 7: Monday, July 27 – Friday, July 31 
Week 8: Monday, August 3 – Friday, August 7
Week 9: Monday, August 10 – Friday, August 14 

Cost of Camp
$385 per week

Before/After Care
Before Care: 8:00-9:00 a.m., $25 per week
After Care: 3:30-5:30 p.m., $50 per week
Both: $60 per week 

Swimming & field trips

On and off campus adventures: As part of our Gatorland experience, all campers will have an unique on or off campus experience each week of camp.  Some of our experiences will be off campus field trips, some may be “on campus field trips”, possibly visiting our nature trail, our nature pavilion, our squash courts or our ropes course and other unique experiences may be bringing special visitors or demonstrations to campus.  Either way, we will notify you ahead of time where we will be traveling that week.  A waiver will be required for each student to attend, as well as a transportation permission slip if we are traveling off campus. A field trip waiver will need to be completed for each camper, giving permission for us to take campers off campus and transport them via our St. Paul’s Schools busses. If you are not comfortable with your camper attending our field trip for that particular week of camp, you will have the option to NOT attend our special experience and your camper will remain on campus with counselors engaging in additional activities.  While we do hope each camper can join us on these safe, supervised and unique opportunities, we want to be respectful of your comfort level as a parent or guardian. 

Swim lessons: Swim lessons will be offered every morning for thirty minutes with an experienced swim lesson instructor, as well as several lifeguards for grades K through 6. Lessons will be grouped by age to be developmentally appropriate  Campers will be grouped accordingly for swim lessons and free swim:

Rising Kindergarten – 1st graders
Rising 2nd – 4th graders
Rising 5th – 6th graders

Only those swimmers who would like to swim in the deep end need to pass the deep water test. This test includes swimming across the width of the pool and back without touching and treading water for 60 seconds.  All campers must pass the deep water test giving by the certified swim instructor or a life guard to swim in the deep end of the pool.  Otherwise, children who do not pass the deep water test will be required to stay in the 3.5 foot side of the pool.  As part of registration, swimming will automatically be included in your child’s day.  If you choose for your child NOT to participate in swim lessons, please contact us and let us know ahead of time. 

Waivers will be sent home after registration if you choose to participate in swim lessons.

Free swim: During the course of the day, children will have an opportunity for supervised free swim.  This is a more casual swim setting for children to play with one another and freely enjoy the pool, without the structure of lessons.  We will have pool supervised by our certified swim lesson instructors, a minimum of two lifeguards and our summer camp counselors. 

Like our field trips, if you would prefer your child not participate in swim lessons or free swim, you will have the option to let us know and we will make other arrangements. 

About the Directors:

Caitlin Edwards joined St. Paul’s Summer Camp in 2012. Over the years, she occupied many different roles, including Arts & Crafts Specialty Lead and Lead Counselor, before being promoted to the leadership team as Head Counselor in 2017. Ms. Edwards’ passion for developing and implementing a high quality, multi-faceted summer camp program drove her to her current role, where she serves as the Assistant Camp Director. During the school year, Ms. Edwards works as a school counselor for Baltimore County Public Schools where she helps students maximize their potential by supporting their personal, social-emotional and academic growth. She previously worked for Sheppard Pratt Health Systems in Special Education.

Candice Fisher has been working at camps since she was in high school. She started working as a counselor at Camp Grizzly at age 15 and, from there, worked as a counselor at Camp Jemicy for several years.  After Camp Jemicy, Ms. Fisher joined St. Paul’s School for Girls as a Physical Education Teacher and as an Assistant Director at our Gatorland Day Camp, specifically leading our Leadership Development Program.  In 2017, Ms. Fisher was promoted to Gatorland Day Camp Director and looks forward to entering another year co-leading our incredible program.  She believes in camp being fun, safe and engaging for all our campers and ultimately, making memories that last a lifetime. In addition to her Physical Education teacher role at St. Paul’s School for Girls, Ms. Fisher is also an 8th grade advisor and coach for varsity field hockey, varsity swimming, and middle school lacrosse.

Paul Marcantonio began working summer sports camps when he was in high school and joined the St. Paul's Summer Camp team while a student at Towson University. Over the years, he served as lead counselor for various sports, science, and themed camps.  In recent years, he transitioned to the themed camp coordinator helping facilitate the camp and planning special activities.  For the upcoming summer, he will join the team of the camp directors, leading all our field trip programming, our all camp special activities as well as serving as an additional administrator around our camp.  In addition to summer camp, he teaches high school physics and astronomy in Howard County.  

Swamplings: Rising Kindergarteners Through 1st Graders

Rising Kindergarteners Through First Graders

The Swamplings is a stimulating and engaging introduction to Gatorland Day Camp for our youngest campers. Based in a safe and age appropriate space, this program promises to provide a wide range of imaginative activities designed to encourage a camper’s social, artistic and physical development. Staffed by certified teachers and mature, caring adults, our Swamplings are sure to receive individualized attention throughout their day. Snack and nap/rest time will also be a part of your child’s daily schedule. 

Where our Gatorland Day Camp is designed to be a “kids’ choice” program, our Swamplings will be given options for choice on a smaller scale. Arts and crafts, science, story time, technology, cooking, sports, games, and much more will round out a truly wonderful summer experience. Gatorland is a great way to introduce your younger children to summer camp, giving them a little autonomy with choice like the "big kids", yet still having that designated one-on-one help available developmentally to get them through the day.  It makes for a smooth transition into their future summer camp experiences. To attend Gatorland Day Camp, it is required that all Swamplings are potty-trained. 

CLICK HERE to see a sample daily schedule for our Swamplings campers.


JV & Varsity: Rising 2nd Through 6th Graders

JV & Varsity: Rising 2nd Through 7th Graders

Based on rising grade, these campers will have camper choice each day, as choice and variety drive our camp mission. In these age groups, children will be offered a program specifically designed to develop individual skills and increase general knowledge on an individual basis and in group settings. Each day, after our all camp morning gathering where we play games and have dance parties to kick off our day with high energy and lots of positivity, campers will choose what THEY want to do in all three activity blocks.  Each environment will present the activity they are doing for each block, and campers will choose where they want to go.  After each block, students will reconvene for snack or lunch and then be presented with ideas for the next activity block.  We change them each block so campers have a variety to choose from and can partake in a diverse group of activities each day. 

For example, if a camper wants to do sports in activity block #1, art in activity block #2 and cooking in activity block #3, they can.  Or if they want to do sports all three blocks, they can.  It is a unique opportunity for campers to make their own choices!

Activities include (but are not limited to): visual art, music, sports, cooking, STEM, & technology. Snack, lunch, recess, swim lessons and free swim will also be a part of your child's daily schedule.

Counselor-in-training program: Rising 8th – 10th graders

Counselor-in-training program: Rising 8th - 10th graders)

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program at The St. Paul's Schools is designed for boys and girls entering the 8th - 10th grade.  Specifically, these campers must enjoy working with children and be open to learning valuable skills applicable for future summer camp work, or any other kind of professional environment. Through various mediums such as guest speakers, role-play, and readings, participants are trained in different stages of child development and strategies that can be used while working with children of all ages. Participants will split their time between a classroom setting and working side-by-side with current counselors. Throughout the two-week program, students will also be taught interview skills, how to create a resume and write a personal statement. To culminate their two-week experience, students will plan and lead (with supervision) an activity for an age group of their choice. They will also “graduate” the program with a personalized letter of recommendation, and a certificate of completion. Those participants who show proper work ethic and responsibility during the program will be given the opportunity to service as volunteer CITs at the proceeding weeks of camp. 

The CIT program is established in two week increments.  For summer 2020, we are running our CIT program from 6/15 – 6/29/20, 7/13 – 7/24/20 and 7/27 – 8/7/20 (three sessions – NEW THIS YEAR!) Campers must complete the entire two week session to be considered “complete” and recommended for a future work position at one of our summer camp programs.  The cost for the full two week session is $385. 

About the Directors:
Pat Walsh is currently serving as the Middle School Dean of Students at St. Paul’s.  In his 14 years at St. Paul’s School, Pat has taught Social Studies and coached a variety of different sports teams on campus, including eight years as the Varsity Baseball Coach. Pat has extensive experience working at summer camps, as he started his summer camp career at the age of 15.  Throughout college, Pat spent three summers as the Supervisor for Needham Park and Recreation’s Summer Programs. Prior to taking the summer of 2018 off to take care of his two, young daughters, Pat served as the Assistant Director of the St. Paul’s Summer Camp. Pat lives in Rodger’s Forge with his wife Jessica, and their two daughters: Paige (3 yrs.) and Addie (1 yr.).

Brad Bernstein is currently the Middle School Counselor at St. Paul’s. Brad has worked in independent schools as a teacher, counselor, and administrator for nearly 20 years. Brad helped develop the Counselor in Training Program at Glenelg Country School. He also has worked and managed a vast array of summer programs including day, leadership, and outdoor adventure programs. Most recently, Brad was a Site Director for the Civic Leadership Institute, a partnership program through Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University, for two summers. In his spare time, Brad has a clinical counseling practice in Columbia, MD and loves spending time with his wife and their six year old daughter.  

11232 Falls Road
P.O. Box 8000
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL: 410-823-6323
SECURITY: 443-862-2294
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