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Fall Visiting Artist Exhibition "Reclaimed" On Display
Posted 09/11/2017 12:02PM

The St. Paul's Schools Present:

On Display in The Ward Center until September 28

Julie Maynard collages paper and found objects on two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces, compressing time into a record of experience and potential. These pieces look at the efforts we make to mark places as our own. As birds sing to define their territories, so we try to hold the spaces we live in — but in the end, it's our territories that hold onto us.

Several of the pieces in this show depict birds of prey, most at nearly life size. Owls are usually solitary in the wild. When they do come together, the group is called a parliament of owls.

Maynard has kept coming back to images of snowy owls, barn owls, and horned owls."Over the years," she says, "I seem to have made my very own parliament."

Symbols of wisdom or uncanny residents of the night? Owls are compelling, Maynard says, "in part because when we look at them, they stare right back."

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"My name is Gloria Garrett and I am the Mother of Makeup Art. I paint beautiful pictures with donated makeup from women all over the country. I use lipstick, eye shadow and eye pencil, rouge, and crayons and whiteout. I illustrate with ink pen first. My paintings are filled with bold, beautiful, and brilliant color.

"I started painting with makeup 12 years ago when a young relative died. I asked God to bring color to my life. I illustrated books and greeting cards in black and white with ink pen. My mother gave me some makeup and I figured out how to paint my illustrations with it. It brought the joy and color back to my life. I showed other people and they brought my art because it brought color and cheerfulness to their lives too.

"I love to use recycled items to create art because you can make your own beauty and help save the world too. People donate most of my supplies. I make dolls from plastic bottles and cans. I make wreaths from toilet paper tubes and paper towel rolls. I make jewelry from buttons, soda tabs, and marbles. I make pocketbooks and coasters from newspaper and magazines. I have been teaching recycled arts and crafts workshops for over a dozen years because it is so healing when you can create your own beauty to lift your spirits and bring beauty to the world."

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