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The Strategic Imperatives 

Strategic Imperative #1:  Ensure that the core academic program provides all girls with the essential knowledge and skills required for leadership in a global community.

Our girls are part of a dynamic, technology-rich and globally engaged world. They deserve an outstanding educational program that embodies the values of our school and the content, pedagogy, and application of the essential knowledge and skills that they need to be prepared to lead in a global community.

The essential knowledge and skills frame our educational program and its core content: math, English, science, history, social sciences, world languages, religious studies, arts, and physical education. To develop the essential knowledge and skills, our girls must be challenged to enhance their analytical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills, so they are able to think divergently and to be collaborative in their approach to creating solutions regarding important issues in our world. These skills are fostered through hands-on learning that connects real-world issues with core academic content along with digital and quantitative literacy. To ensure that we have a challenging and supportive community, our school must continue to recruit and retain exceptional educators and to provide a learning environment that encourages initiative, adaptability, and risk taking. Our girls must also be able to express ideas cogently and compellingly, leveraging the multiple platforms of oral, written, auditory, and visual communication.

With the essential academic knowledge and skills, along with leadership skills, a global perspective, integrity, and ethical decision-making, our girls will be fully prepared to embrace the opportunities of a complex world.

The action steps to achieve this goal are:

  • Analyze and enhance core academic program and continue to incorporate essential knowledge and skills in all aspects of educational program.
  • Continue to enhance curricula to challenge and support all learners.
  • Increase global and multicultural studies.
  • Increase interdisciplinary studies and articulate connections among content, skills and concepts of courses at each grade level.
  • Reinforce our commitment to “STEAM” – science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.
  • Continue to build partnerships and programs in engineering, arts and math by engaging industry, non-profits and alumnae.
  • Augment hands-on lab sciences.
  • Assess and address best practices in technology and develop a three-year implementation plan with a supporting capital plan.
  • Review and develop range of technology courses.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of blended and online learning environments and optimize consortium membership in Online School for Girls.
  • Ensure that athletic programs meet the needs of the school and its students.
  • Expand recruitment and retention programs for exceptional faculty and staff members recognizing the importance of diversity.
  • Review and strengthen faculty mentoring program, to increase support for new and nearly new teachers.
  • Enhance annual faculty and staff evaluation process, allowing for feedback from multiple perspectives.
  • Develop and implement a program for faculty and staff to partner with professional-level interns.


  • SPSG girls, prepared with strong academic and interpersonal skills, are effective leaders in college, in the workforce, and in their global and local communities.
  • SPSG girls benefit from integrated global and interdisciplinary studies at every grade level.
  • SPSG has exemplary science, technology, engineering, arts, and math programs for girls, distinguished by the highest quality faculty, curriculum, facilities, and partnerships in each of these areas.
  • SPSG prepares girls for digital citizenship, college, and the workforce by optimizing its partnership with Online School for Girls.  
Strategic Imperative #2: Develop a comprehensive marketing program that promotes the value and vision of St. Paul’s School for Girls.

The long-term success of SPSG will depend upon the school's ability to build a strong and growing community of families with shared values and goals.  An intentional, effective and all-inclusive marketing program will enable SPSG to define and communicate its uniqueness and competitive advantage to all constituents, establish an authentic and compelling value proposition, and lead to an increased market share in a competitive and challenging environment thereby assuring optimal enrollment.

The action steps to achieve this goal are:

  • Identify a marketing/branding consultant to evaluate resources.
  • Evaluate the proposal.
  • Gain consensus for a plan.
  • Implement branding and clear, consistent, and effective messaging.


  • SPSG has clear identity in the eyes of the local community that includes an understanding of our purpose, mission, and value.
  • SPSG has increased interest and enrollment among a diverse group of families.
  • The internal community at SPSG is able to communicate the value and vision in a clear and concise way.
  • The external community understands the unique relationship and benefit of a single-sex education that includes coordinate opportunities with St. Paul’s School. 
Strategic Imperative #3: Ensure the school’s financial sustainability through disciplined fiscal policy.

Our goal is to ensure SPSG’s future financial sustainability by adhering to our disciplined fiscal policy, exploiting operating efficiencies, expanding auxiliary revenue opportunities, and achieving increased donor participation and giving. These efforts will allow SPSG to continue to invest resources in our school, which will further advance our program and facilities into the future.

The action steps to achieve this goal:

  • Complete “For Our Girls”: The Campaign for St. Paul’s School for Girls.
  • Increase donor participation and giving among all constituencies with a focus on alumnae.
  • Honor our commitment to financial aid by adhering to our fiscal policy.
  • Optimize financial resources to enhance the value of an SPSG education.
  • Increase auxiliary services income through better promotion and utilization of campus assets.


  • SPSG has successfully completed the “For Our Girls” campaign before June 30, 2013.
  • SPSG has documented record giving achieved, in part, by expanded alumnae giving and participation.
  • SPSG has reduced its dependency on tuition revenue by increasing its endowment and annual fund giving.
  • SPSG has adhered to its fiscal policy by managing financial aid resources to optimize enrollment and fulfill the school’s mission. 
Strategic Imperative #4: Maximize the effectiveness and impact of St. Paul’s Plus and St. Paul’s School for Girls’ relationship with St. Paul’s School. 

St. Paul’s School for Girls, St. Paul’s Plus, and St. Paul’s School (“The St. Paul’s Schools”) form a unique educational opportunity for families in the greater Baltimore area. Girls are able to share experiences, projects, programs, and some classes with boys. SPSG students have the "best of both worlds," single-sex educations where girls learn the way girls learn best, along with numerous opportunities for interaction with male students "up the hill."

SPSG must continue to explore ways with St. Paul’s School to leverage this partnership to the advantage of both institutions and to evaluate the impact of SPSG’s relationship with St. Paul’s School. SPSG will consider a broad range of areas for coordination including academic program, The Ward Center, marketing, facilities and operations.

The action steps to achieve this goal are:

  • Define the benefits and challenges of SPSG’s relationship with SP.
  • Enrich curriculum integration and course planning.
  • Continue to improve campus-wide environmental sustainability.
  • Explore efficiencies in technology systems and policies.
  • Increase enrollment from SP Plus to LS and LS to MS.


  • SPSG girls and SP boys have broader access to coordinate classes.
  • SPSG will save money by collaborating with SP.
  • SPSG enrollment provides seamless transitions and reflects an increase in the number of girls who begin at SPP or the Lower School leading to matriculation to SPSG.


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