Program & Philosophy


Gaining the courage to express one's true self - one's dreams and one's fears, and to live fully and engage the world fully - these are the ultimate goals of learning the craft of acting. By expressing one's true self, one learns empathy, a vital skill in good living, as well as good acting. Theater explores the human condition, and actors, like explorers, venture forth into the wilderness of what it means to be human, to be alive, and to be deeply connected to those around us - our friends, our classmates, our families.


The Dance Program at St. Paul's School for Girls offers each student the opportunity to experience cultural enrichment, technical achievement, and physical fitness. The program offers an ensemble approach which is attentive to developing individual skill levels and collaborative group creations. The performance of dance provides artistic and physical growth encouraging a connection of time and space, experience and events, as well as body, mind, and spirit.


Formal music instruction enhances intellectual, emotional, and social balance. Students learn to appreciate a variety of musical styles, from classical to contemporary, and develop strong musicianship skills. An emphasis is placed on improving performance skills and appreciating international musical styles. The study of music enhances the development of creative and critical thinking skills and affords students the opportunity to build individual and group discipline. While the study of music contributes significantly to academic success, it is also a great source of enjoyment that will endure for a lifetime.   

Visual Art

In the visual arts students learn to look within, to take risks, and to observe life. Through skill development and critique, students' ideas ripen into artistic achievements. Students cultivate an aesthetic vocabulary and connect their artistic exploration to other subjects. They engage artists from the community and present their own work in exhibitions.







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