Dance Élan: Program & Summer

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at St. Paul’s School for Girls

Classes are held weekly, Monday through Friday afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays.  The Dance Élan program has been designed to identify, nurture, develop, and train the community's children in the art of dance. We allow students the opportunity to develop their artistic potential offering training at various levels of pre-collegiate, pre-professional, and the joy of learning dance to forever be a dance enthusiast.

Multiple disciplines are offered: ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary.  Specialty classes, including Musical Theater Dance, Acrobatics, and Hip Hop, allow dancers to further their skills for specific venues. Classes such as Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch/Conditioning are designed to help cross train dancers and athletes so they can be the strongest and healthiest possible.  

2013-2014 Class Offerings

Dance for Athletes - For the dance enthusiast who has a rigorous athletic schedule, the Teen Class schedule allows a student to participate during their off season. This opportunity is great cross training and will allow you to do it all!

Dance for Pre-Collegiates - In addition, programs like Dance Élan Company offer more experienced dancers the opportunity to study intensely during school. Dance Élan Company is a technical competitive team. Audition is required and a minimum of three technique classes and two electives are required. 

Community Classes - Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch/Conditioning classes are offered to teen-adult levels. 


Dance Élan at St Paul’s School for Girls
P.O. Box 3000
11232 Falls Road
Brooklandville, MD 21022

Natasha Cooper,  Artistic Director, 410.458.9794

Emergency Closings

Dance Élan at St Paul’s School for Girls follows SPSG. In the event St. Paul’s School for Girls is closed Dance Élan classes will be canceled. 


Dance Elan Brochure - 2013-2014 

Class Pricing

Based on a 37-week season!  Three more weeks this year!  Register by September 5, 2013, to waive the $35 registration fee.

  • Per session Petite Élan (18 Weeks) - $275
  • Per Trimester (12 weeks) - $185
  • .5 hour - $275
  • .75 hour - $420
  • 1 hour - $500
  • 1.5 hours - $675
  • 2 hours - $850
  • 3 hours  -  $1,025
  • 4 hours  -  $1,200
  • Unlimited - $1,850
  • Family Unlimited - $2,500