Middle School Service

Annual Middle School Community Service Programs

Grade V

In the fifth grade we focus on the issue of hunger. Students make casseroles for Our Daily Bread six times during the school year.  The casseroles are put together by the students during long advisory periods and are transported by the class parents. We appreciate the generosity of the Grade V parents who help make this outreach possible.

Grade VI

The sixth grade’s focus is sustainability and food. Students work hand in hand with the green house and our community garden.  Our girls help grow herbs and flowering plants from seeds. They paint and decorate the pots and transfer the seedlings to create beautiful herb gardens for the residents of Sandtown Habitat for Humanity residents.  These are delivered to the residents just in time for Mother’s Day.

Grade VII

Grade VII focuses on aging and has a strong partnership with the Pickersgill Retirement Home.  Eight times during the school year, the students visit the residents at Pickersgill.  Students interview residents about their experiences, do activities and crafts with them, and form valuable friendships.

Grade VIII

In the eighth grade, we focus on health care. Students create pillow cases for children battling cancer ages 2-17. This program is done through the Maryland ConKerr Cancer Chapter and helps bring a smile to a sick child’s face.


For each of these programs, we appreciate the help of our middle school faculty and our parent violunteers!