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Overview of SPSG Community Service Program

At SPSG, the community is strong and vibrant. Mornings begin with Prayers, a gathering of students and faculty that has been in place since the school opened in 1959.

Sometimes spirited and fun, sometimes serious, sometimes inspirational, this twenty-minute assembly at the beginning of the school day is an important tradition and one that is cherished by current students and alumnae. Tuesday Chapel is another very meaningful tradition in which students, faculty, staff and guests gather for a weekly worship service. This is a sacred time for the entire community as liturgies and music are experienced, not only from the Episcopal tradition, but from other denominations and faiths. Holy Communion is also offered twice a month and is a time for prayer, reflection and meditation.

Community at SPSG also means reaching out from the campus. Proud of its ties to the Episcopal tradition, SPSG endeavors to pass on to each student the spiritual and ethical values of the Judeo-Christian heritage and to instill in each girl a sense of stewardship and service.

The school supports a community service program that requires students to perform service-oriented jobs and to accumulate a set number of volunteer hours to graduate. In addition, a special outreach program pairs our school with schools and community organizations in the greater Baltimore area. Students have hands-on experiences in soup kitchens, area schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and nursing homes. These opportunities are constantly changing and expanding as we model the belief that we are called by God to care for our world, our country, and our community.