Program & Philosophy

In keeping with the philosophy of the school, the Athletic Department of St. Paul's School for Girls emphasizes the value of each individual and respect for others. We stress teamwork, sportsmanship, personal commitment, a striving for excellence, a sense of fair play, and fun.

Knowing that participation in athletics improves girls' self-confidence and overall health, our coaching staff is committed to fostering each student-athlete's confidence, decision-making skills, sense of responsibility, and leadership skills — qualities that will serve her well throughout life. We hope that, by taking advantage of the many positive experiences that athletics offer, each participant will enjoy her time on the playing fields and courts and will take with her many exciting memories.

Through fostering broad participation in sports and enthusiastic support for the school's teams, the Athletic Department also seeks to generate a sense of pride in the student body, the faculty, and the larger school community.

Our department supports the Principles of Good Practice in Interscholastic Athletics for members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). We are members of the Interscholastic Athletics Association of Maryland (IAAM) and fully support its policies and regulations.