Commitment to Excellence

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SPSG offers a full range of academic courses and electives, including 15 APs, as well as outstanding arts, athletic and extracurricular activities. In addition, SPSG has enhanced its program with the Scholars Program, which focuses on independent student research, membership in the Online School for Girls, the Writing Center, and global outreach.

Global Outreach

SPSG teaches students to be citizens of the world. The school offers numerous exchange programs and encourages students in both the Middle and the Upper Schools to participate in International Service Learning Trips. We offer exchange trips to Collège et lycée Marseilleveyre in Marseille, France, to Suiryo High School in Yokohama, Japan, to Liceo Mexicano Japones in Mexico City, Mexico, to St. Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and our new exchanges with Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School in China, St. George School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Upper School Summer Service Trip to Belize

Service Learning Trips include an annual trip to the Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA. The service learning trip takes students to the Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA. Here, SPSG students have the opportunity to learn about the mission of Heifer International, which is “To work with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the world.” During the week, girls participate in the life of the farm by caring for animals, tending the gardens, doing farm chores, and helping the staff. Through all of their experiences, they learn about hunger, sustainability, the global economy, fair trade, organic and local farming practices, as well as different cultures. Midweek, they spend one day and night in Heifer’s Global Village, where they experience daily life in a culture different from their own. It is quite a powerful trip and the girls who have gone in the past have been extremely moved by their time there.

Online School for Girls

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St. Paul’s School for Girls is a consortium member of the Online School for Girls (OSG), a non-profit institution whose mission is to “provide the best education in a digital environment for girls.”

The Online School for Girls “inspires girls worldwide to reach their potential by offering exceptional instruction to girls in an online setting. The School aims to challenge girls through vigorous coursework and exposure to new ideas in a fun, engaging, and relevant learning environment.”

SPSG’s membership in the consortium expands course offerings for upper-school students; enhances global connections through online classroom experiences; provides an online setting that is especially created for girls and the ways they learn; increases flexibility in scheduling; and prepares our girls for the online educational experiences they will find in college and beyond – helping to fulfill our mission to prepare students for life in the complex world of the 21st century.

Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students become better writers, improving the formulation and effective expression of their ideas. The Center is an encouraging setting for students to talk with trained peer coaches about their writing, both academic and creative. The Writing Center and its programs will allow girls to discover the joy of the writing process.

A writing conference allows a student writer to elicit feedback at any stage of her writing from initial brainstorming to polishing or revising a final draft. A student may come to the Writing Center for help with formulating, clarifying, and organizing ideas for a writing assignment. While a peer coach may work with a writer to strengthen elements of expression and style, it is not her role to proofread for grammar and usage errors.

For more information on the Writing Center, the editing process, and peer tutors, please click here.

The Scholar's Program

The Scholar's Program is a rigorous, three-year, integrated course of study in which students pursue independent research on a topic that will lead to a deeper understanding of and create change in their global and local communities.

SPSG Offers 15 AP Courses

Upper-school students may choose to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) classes with the completion of the prerequisite courses and the recommendation of the teacher. APs are faster-paced, more comprehensive courses and require that enrolled students take the AP Exam at the end of the year. Certain colleges and universities offer college credits for high scores on AP Exams.

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SPSG offers 15 AP courses within its course catalogue and allows students to enroll in AP courses not offered here through the Online School for Girls.

SPSG’s AP Courses

AP Calculus AB AP French
AP Calculus BC AP Physics 
AP Biology AP Spanish
AP Economics AP Statistics
AP English Lang. & Comp. AP Studio Art
AP English Lit. & Comp. AP U.S. History
AP European History
AP World History
AP Psychology

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