Tuition & Fees

Tuition by Grade

  • Grades 5-8:  $23,300
  • Grade 9-12:  $24,500 
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Tuition includes textbooks. Additional charges above tuition are Parent Dues, $65, and a $390 Student Activity Fee for field trips; extracurricular athletic programs; a copy of the Green Years, the school’s annual yearbook; and copies of the epistle, the school’s award-winning newspaper. Uniforms, which cost approximately $200-$250, and lunch are not included in tuition. Students may purchase lunch in the school cafeteria or in the Gator Café, or they may bring their own lunch from home.

At SPSG, business officers work diligently to find the best ways to make an SPSG education affordable. Financing is not always easy, but it may be possible. Parents who want an SPSG education for their daughters are urged to consider available financial options. While the school expects families to take primary responsibility for the cost of their daughter’s education, SPSG is committed to helping qualified and deserving girls.

Payment Plans:  

SPSG works with FACTS to offer flexible payment plans designed to meet a variety of financial circumstances. Two, three, or ten monthly installment options are available to pay tuition. Please contact the Business Office at 443.632.1060.