Scholars Program


Who should apply for this opportunity?

This program is created for tenth grade girls who are passionate about an area of study or a specific topic.  Their projects last through their senior year.  Girls should have a strong desire to learn about both the details and the broader impact of their issue on the community.  While academic performance will be reviewed, demonstrated work-ethic and aptitude for analytical and original thinking are the major considerations for acceptance. 
Applicants must also enthusiastically devote time to a meaningful internship, which may be secured with the help of our partnership with Johns Hopkins University.  

What will I do over the course of three years in the SPSG Scholars Program?

In Year One, 10th grade Scholars will meet frequently with an SPSG Internal Mentor to:
  • Develop a research question
  • Identify sources for conducting research (such as papers, people, funding, etc…)
  • Identify an external mentor for research during the junior and senior years
  • Modify research question as necessary
  • Develop goals for summer progress, to be approved by SPSG Internal Mentor (Paper, conversations, Internship, body of work, poster, etc…)
  • Record weekly activities in a research journal
  • Prepare a formal research proposal for approval by SPSG Internal mentor, the external mentor, and the Scholars Program coordinator. Proposal should specify feasibility, frequency of meetings, estimated costs, and final research question
In Year Two, 11th grade Scholars will:
  • Conduct research with the outside mentor
  • Record weekly progress in research journal to be submitted monthly to Scholars Coordinator
  • Develop goals for summer progress, to be approved by SPSG Internal Mentor (Paper, conversations, Internship, body of work, poster, etc…)
  • Prepare a status report for review at the end of the year for approval by the external mentor, and the Scholars Program coordinator. Report should include progress made during the year and future directions.
In Year Three, Scholars will:
  • Complete their research
  • Present results in a manner approved by the external mentor and Scholars Coordinator
  • Conclude the year with a luncheon where senior Scholars will share and celebrate their work with younger program participants.
Student Progress will be reviewed at the end of the sophomore and junior years.  Satisfactory progress must be demonstrated as a condition for continuing in the Scholars Program. 

This is a rigorous program. Will I receive credit? When will I have time to complete these activities?

Year one requires that Scholars enroll in Research Methods I.  This course will clarify expectations and lay the foundation for research and communication for the remaining years.  Years two and three will be reflected on the transcript as graded courses for field research and a culminating project.  Most Scholars will also receive community service credit for their field-work and service learning.  Upon graduation, all Scholars will receive a special distinction. 

This is for me! When can I apply?

Applications and information is available to all 9th grade students after Spring Break.   Applications will be due two weeks after distribution.  Decisions will be made within two weeks.

Current Scholars' Research