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St. Paul's School for Girls offers a unique opportunity to students because its campus borders St. Paul's School, an independent institution for boys located just north of SPSG in Brooklandville, Maryland.

Because of the school's location, girls are able to share experiences, projects, programs, and some classes with boys. SPSG students have the "best of both worlds," single-sex educations where girls learn the way girls learn best, along with numerous opportunities for interaction with male students "up the hill."

In the Upper School, especially, girls share the stage with boys for all theatrical productions, work with boys on community service projects, and even attend some classes with boys. The Ward Center for the Arts, a handsome facility for music, art, and theater, is run jointly by SPSG and SP, and affords many opportunities for coordination. A coed lunch is served at the Ward Center for both schools. While coordination is much more limited in Middle School, girls share one stage production with middle-school boys from SP and occasionally work on community service and other projects together.

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