College Counseling

Recognizing that the college selection process is highly individualized, the college counseling office offers each student as much assistance as she needs.

During this process each student hones her decision-making skills as she and her family make choices about colleges. In her senior year, each student evaluates her academic record as well as her extracurricular activities. The SPSG college counseling office assists each girl in seeing the connection between her interests and her college choices.

The college counseling process begins officially in January of the junior year. However, the Head of the Upper School and the Office of College Counseling hold annual grade-level meetings that address upper-school academic and extracurricular commitments. Each student begins to discover how these activities can enrich her experience at SPSG, while paving the way for her eventual graduation and matriculation at the college which is best suited for her.

In January of the junior year, students and their parents attend an informational meeting featuring college and university admission deans and directors, and receive a college handbook. After this meeting, each student participates in an individual family meeting with a college counselor. During this meeting, the student, her family, and the college counselor review many details of the college selection process, discuss interests and goals, and exchange information about individual colleges and universities.

Later in the spring, SPSG, along with other AIMS independent schools, sponsors a college fair held at a local conference center, which is attended by representatives from the leading universities and colleges in the United States. Juniors and their parents are encouraged to attend this instructive evening to explore the wide array of information offered by the colleges.

The college counseling office provides many references, including college guides and viewbooks, as well as applications. College Clips, a newsletter published throughout the year in the online monthly Bulletin Board, keeps parents and students aware of deadlines, SAT dates, and pertinent application information. Students can also use the computer center for college and scholarship searches.

Each fall college representatives from over 100 institutions visit the SPSG campus. The college office hosts these visits and supports rapport between the colleges and SPSG. Girls should meet with the admission officers at this time to express their interest in a particular school and to ask questions.

During her senior year, the pace quickens in the college selection process. Each girl meets with her counselor on a regular basis. The college counselors are available to assist each student as she compiles and narrows her list and to review her applications and college essays.

Although each student will find assistance in areas of need, she is encouraged to take ownership of her applications and selection of her college. Assistance is available to help her make her final decision, but ultimately each senior must make her own choice.

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